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Who and What is a

Mel-A Gram?

Being A Singing Telegram Agent  By Melissa Ivey

The artist and term Mel-A-Gram was created as a result of a dare for award winning Singer/ Songwriter and performer Melissa Ivey.


 "A good friend of mine was telling me about his successful telegram business. How he would dress up and sing for unsuspecting customers.  I thought what a frightening experience.  As a seasoned performer, I've got to try it."

A month later this friend and mentor George Peel would help Melissa into a cheerleader costume and coach her on her first telegram performance in the mile high city of Denver in the fall of 2011.  


"It was a rush, unlike performing to the large music crowds I'm used to.  From the start I was hooked on the intimate setting, the part ambush and live action love note. 


"As I've expanded as an artists and humanitarian who loves to perform music, my main goal has always been to spread love and joy in the ways available to me. It seems like my years of door to door sales and the gypsy."

musician  but mainly troubadour

lifestyle has finally find a home with performing Mel-A-Grams."

Song Suggestions?

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