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Denver Singing Telegram

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Denver Female Singing Telegram agent Melagram


"Singing Memories That Last."


Denver Singing Telegram

Call Today 720-690-1007

*Stop giving stale presents!

*Look no more for the perfect gift for your special event or to brighten up a regular day!

*Order Wonder Woman,  a Rainbow unicorn, Cheerleader, or choose from our many costumes/ characters. 

*Time for a classy throwback with a modern serenade to add that extra touch to your celebration!

1)Call Mel-A-Gram today, we'll help you choose a costume/ costume

2) select  2-3 songs,

3) Pay on our booking page or via Venmo @ MZIVEY

4) Wait with anticipation while we prepare the gift of a lifetime

A singing telegram with a professional female vocalist and guitar virtuoso, Melissa Ivey. 


Order your very own Singing Melagram delivering a once in a life time performance for your  Special Valentine.

Anniversary, birthday party, surprise party, promotion, make up , break up, wedding, baby shower.

"Singing Memories That Last"


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