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Becoming Prince.

Shortly after his untimely death I received a request for a Prince telegram.

I did not know at the time that Prince’s persona would take over my whole being.

I began the day with a purple smoothie then playing my own VHS original copy from the 80’s of Purple Rain. I researched and enjoyed watching every video, collecting every move, transcribing his lyrics and guitar parts for hours.

Channeling the customized lyrics for the recipient’s 40’s b-day. Deciding to do a medley of the Purple man’s most beloved songs.

Costuming is usually a community effort so after obtaining most of the costume from my own punk rock wardrobe, I needed a friends purple jacket and lace blouse to complete the look, thanks Kimmie Martinez & Elizabeth Rose.

Watching several video’s on how to do facial hair makeup and obsessing on his makeup from a rolling stone cover I became prince.

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