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Singing Memories Of A Lifetime

Building a Memory of a life time.

If you have never received a telegram I am planning to change that.

In 2014 had been delivering telegrams a few times a month here and there but focusing mainly on getting Yoga Teacher Certified. The three month program was intense, my muscles were making new memories and little did I know my graduation would create a memory of my lifetime.

My classmates all gathered as yogi’s do around food, mandalas, tears and full of excitement for our completion of the program. With a kombucha in hand and a mouth full of hummus I was surprised by my first telegram in front of everyone. My friend and mentor George put together a rap about being a yoga girl and how fly my down dog is and get up with a chaturanga. My whole class was cheering, clapping, and also enamored with this public display of love through song.

I found myself crying, laughing, embarrassed a little, but overwhelmed with delight. To have a talented performer go out of their way to prepare a song, original lyrics, a perfect costume and the boldness of the execution was everything I put into my own performances. To receive this gift of a sining telegram from my personal experience opened to my heart and all my chakras. To prepare and deliver a telegram as a performer is ​always exciting​. To become part of a life time memory ​for your loved one ​is an honor.

To sing a memory of a life time is​ not only my motto but​ always my goal.

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