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My 5th year doing Valentines Telegrams.

There is nothing quite like prepping each special delivery especially for valentines. Sure I love getting flowers, chocolates, and the usual dinner but I absolutely thrive on gifting couples the gift of a life time. A singing telegram from my heart. Some times when prepping love songs for Valentines I've been known to shed a tear or two in anticipation. Then when the moment hits my heart bumps through my costume, meeting eyes with the recipient. They realizes that this small wide eyed stranger walking up to them armed with a music stand, a special message and the gift of song has come just for them.

Usually I'm met with a wide variety of emotion ranging from down right embarrassment to having customers sing along with me in their cubical or at the local restaurant. Recently I had a customer turn a two song gift into a 5 song set at the end of the day in her office. The gift of song does move people like no other I've seen. Thank You Denver for another year of delivering with my Cupid George Peel and the Citric Acid/ Custom Singing Telegrams.

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