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Yoda Sings for May the 4th- Denver Singing Telegrams

May the fourth be with you!

Last year a customer called requesting Yoda to sing a Misfits song. I immediately heard and channeled my best Glenn Danzig mixed with a guttural Yoda and sang “Last Caress .“

“I’ve got something to say, may the force be with you today, cuz birthday it is today, it's your Birthday!

The customer and I were both cracking up, she hired me on the spot.

I also thought a simple version of "Don't Stop Believing", inspired by 70's band Journey, would fit the act as well.

(1:38 Youtube Video)

Hours later I got a request for the same day but just an hour after “Yoda”. The second customer was open to suggestions and thought YODA on her MAY the Fourth Event would be perfect as well. The force was indeed strong.

I loved applying the dimensional face paint and getting into the costume, not to mention listening to the sound track and editing this video above.

May the 4th be with you! Do you know a Star Wars fan who needs Yoda to sing a May the Fourth be with you Telegram? Our Yoda aka Melagram has performed at house parties, Birthdays, Office Parties, Private functions, Kids birthdays. Weather we surprise you in your home, office, at a restaurant, our Star Wars themed Telegrams are sure to be “the best thing that ever happened” at your event, prank or surprise party.

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