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The best delivery for Mother’s Day in Denver is just a Singing Telegram away.

You’ve got your mom’s favorite flowers blooming on the table, the card is signed by all the siblings, everyone is en route and the quiche is in the oven. What can you possibly get the person who gave you life? The woman who already has everything or has possibly Marie Kondo’d her life recently? This year performer Melissa Ivey, known as Singing Melagram, invites you to go above and beyond by sending a singing cheerleader, Unicorn or sweet singing honey bee telegram.

Imagine the whole family just getting ready for Mom’s celebration and you are in on the surprise behind the ring at the door. A singing bee enters with a special song delivery, some inside jokes, delivering the memory of a lifetime just for your Mom.

“Our deliveries have brought our customers to tears on several occasions. We are in the business of creating memories that last.”


“The Best thing that’s ever happened to me”

-Kira (Unicorn Recipient)

This Mother’s Day order a special delivery that will be sure to keep your Mom bragging about her favorite brilliant and charming child. Be the unicorn in the family and send her a gift that will send her over the moon. Order a Singing Telegram by contacting Melagram today.


"Singing Memories That Last"


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